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Our Business

All Pro Services of Texas has been continuously educating & developing themselves in the industry knowledge of restoration & repair services for over 20 years.

Our corporate vision is to facilitate an ease in the restoration process & establish a trust between homeowners & businesses with their contractor ~ All Pro Services of Texas. The trust of a single contractor for emergency, as well as, route maintenance is key when owning a home and/or running a business. Eliminating the need to always do the research for every repair and/or maintenance service needed. We want to be your source for services, and we will work diligently & efficiently to do so.



All Pro Services of Texas is a residential and commercial restoration, repair, remodeling, and emergency services firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with a corporate office in Houston, Texas. Our core competency of emergency restoration and remodeling, in both residential and commercial projects, is highlighted by our commitment to quality, value, and client satisfaction. Leveraging our experience in single family homes, planned housing communities, and commercial developments with our extraordinary team, All Pro Services of Texas has become an innovative services firm.

Our History

Years ago, we started out with a simple goal for our clients, dry their house. Why? Our initial focus was solely to extract water from flooded homes of our referred clients and dry out their homes to avoid & prevent mold, as well as, prepare their homes for repairs. Our clients were so happy with our immediate response to their emergency and the efficiency of our certified crews that they would ask us to do their repairs. Our founders, being in the construction business for years, knew it was the next logical step to become a licensed builder & remodeled. Once those services were offered, we began to receive calls from our past clients to do route maintenance. Always wanting the best for our clients, we simply just could not refer them to someone that may or may not treat them as we would. So we continued by offering route maintenance of our clients’ homes, while sometimes acting as their project managers.

So even before there was an All Pro Services of Texas, there was a vision of All Pro Services of Texas. When our founders worked in the construction business, most of their efforts were labor intensive, then excelling into project management; they were determined to learn the business side of construction. Their dream was to someday provide families with a home they would be proud to live in. They believed that by helping families with their home that provides shelter, comfort, and financial security to both homeowners and their families this would help the surrounding communities with a contractor they can always count on ~ All Pro Services of Texas. Today, our team of employees and contractors of All Pro Services of Texas share that same passion.

Our Future

Our business focus for the future starts out like all of our projects, with a plan. For us, that plan encompasses our strategies, methodologies, cultures, and commitments to our clients satisfaction and delight. Strategies that include opportunities with route repairs, remodels, and of course home emergencies, like walking into your home with ankle deep water. Utilizing a focus on process improvements, our methods for accuracy and efficiency of projects are continually being refined. We believe that when you remove complexity from a process you can build in quality and create value. All of our employees are empowered to bring about change that will better support our clients. Which is our core focus and commitment to our client satisfaction.

Our competitive advantage is that we think outside the corporate box. Being on the cutting edge, while still managing an array of projects with complete client satisfaction.

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